特地來釜山中央洞<一把麥穗>素食咖啡店 吃了美味的素食早午餐(素食漢堡套餐) / Because I want to try tasty vegan brunch (vegan burger combo), I came to <A Bunch of Wheat> (밀한줌) – the vegan café in Busan Jungang-dong!

2020. 2. 28. 14:24채식 음식점





When I feel like having vegan bread,
I usually go to  "A Bunch of Wheat(밀한줌)" Oncheoncheon shop.
But recently I visit Jungang-dong shop more often.



因為<一把麥穗>中央店最近也開始賣釜山知名素食漢堡–「姆姆漢堡」(MooMoo Burgur)了!

It’s all because "A Bunch of Wheat" Jungang-dong shop started to sell “MooMoo Burger”- the famous vegan burger in Busan!




為了品嘗素食漢堡早午套餐 早上就騎著單車跑來了 feat. 微笑的布爾戈斯單車( Smile Burgos Bicycle ) /  For having the vegan burger brunch, I ride my bike to "A Bunch of Wheat" in the morning.(Feat. Smile Burgos Bicycle)



<一把麥穗>中央店的位置在釜山中區中央大路77號 就在地鐵中央站11號出口與13號出口之間 / "A Bunch of Wheat" Jungang-dong is located in 77, Jungang-daero, Jung-gu, Busan. It is just between Jungang subway station exit 11 & 13



離捷運站超近 呵呵呵

It is SUPER close to subway station lol




Let’s take a look from the shopfront!


2樓是「韓國素食料理指導者協會」(한국베지푸드지도자협회) 的所在地 / The second floor is where the “Korea Vegetarian Food Instructors Association”(한국베지푸드지도자협회) is.


早晨的陽光照在<一把麥穗>的店面,看上去非常協調 / The morning sunlight shines on the "A Bunch of Wheat"; it looks so harmonious.


<一把麥穗>是一間堅持選用韓國國產米、「我們的麥」(韓國農業公司法人)的小麥、有機農小麥、有機糖及竹鹽等材料來製作素食麵包的烘培坊 / "A Bunch of Wheat" is a vegan bakery which using Korea rice, the wheat of “Our Wheat” (Korea farming corporation), Korea healthy wheat, healthy sugar, bamboo salt and ingredients to make bread.


和溫泉店不同 中央店不僅有烘培坊也有咖啡店 / Different from Oncheoncheon shop, Jungang-shop owns bakery and café.


營業時間從早上10點到晚上8點 / Business hours is 10:00a.m.- 08:00p.m.


中央店是全年無休的溫泉店和現代百貨公司賣場的店休時間則另行公告(溫泉店每週一店休,現代百貨公司賣場的<一把麥穗>則是跟著百貨公司的店休日程休息,每個月的店休日有所不同) / Jugnang-shop is twenty-four seven Oncheoncheon shop and Hyeon Dae department store shop separately announces their business hours.(Oncheoncheon shop closes every Monday, but Hyeon Dae department store shop follows the department store business hours, and it closes in different day every month)


我最喜歡的靠窗座位 (空氣清淨機旁邊的座位) / I like the seat which near the window.(The seat which is next to air purifier)


空氣清淨機以一種令人信賴地姿態放在那裡^^ / The air purifier stands there reliably^^


裡面的位置 / The seats inside


這裡是外側(入口方向)的座位 / and the outside seat (the direction follows by the entrance path)


書架上放著和純素素食相關的書籍。真想再讀一次《肉食的終結》這本書。/ Many vegan books are put on the bookshelf I do want to read “Ending the Carnivorous Diet “again!




I am gonna to share the menu of "A Bunch of Wheat"




Here is the official website of "A Bunch of Wheat", and it introduces all kinds of bread of their stores.




On the following is the menu of "A Bunch of Wheat" Café.




姆姆漢堡(MooMoo Burgur)的菜單也很仔細地拍下來了^^

I took the picture of MooMoo Burgur menu carefully, too ^^


第一張是原本店裡就販賣的素食三明治, 第二張為火烤素食漢堡, 第三張是姆姆漢堡的菜單 / First picture is the vegan sandwich, Second picture is grilled vegan burger, Third picture is the menu of MooMoo burger


菜單上有兩種份量充足套餐 / There are two choices of combos.


我也在店裡拍了很多麵包的照片 之後再一一上傳跟大家分享


I took many bread pictures, and I will share them later.
(The number of pictures is too many,

I am afraid that it might make the article too long^^)


在咖啡店逛了一圈、拍了一些照片 點了素漢堡及冰沙的套餐

I look around in the Café and take some pictures.
And then I ordered vegan burger and smoothie combo.




As we read the menu description, vegan burger and smoothie combo doesn’t include green smoothie. But If you pay KOR $500 more, you can get you normal smoothie in to green smoothie.



So, I pay KOR$500 more, ordering vegan burger & green smoothie combo.


<一把麥穗>姆姆漢堡的素漢堡和冰沙套餐一上桌 / When the MooMoo burger and green smoothie combo come


雖然很想馬上開動但得先拍照才行 / I want to eat immediately but I have to take pictures first.


一邊忍耐一邊拍餐桌全景照 / So I take pictures as I bear to eat it.


又換低角度拍 再換更近的角度拍食物 / I took the pictures by low angle, closer angle and so on.


多個角度全部拍完之後 接下來就換我大快朵頤了 呵呵呵

(食物上桌立刻吃是最好吃的 所以以秒拍的方式拍照)

After taking pictures in each angle, it’s time for me to eat lol.

(The best moment for enjoy the food is right the time it’s served, so I take pictures in the FASTEST way.)



This is the first time I have MooMoo burger.
It is made by whole wheat bread, fresh vegetables & tomatoes, handmade sauce and vegan steak which is made from vegan ingredients.



Eveytime you have a bite on it, you can feel how elaborate the burger is.



Especially the whole wheat bread which tastes like protein and the handmade sauce are very impressing.



I often order coffee here, and it seems that it is the first time I order smoothie in "A Bunch of Wheat".



The green smoothie is made from kale, banana, lemon and apples.


素漢堡也是沒有顧慮食材成本似地 放了很多材料進去

The vegan burger is made from many good ingredients without caring the prices.



放入的材料巧妙地融合在一起 沒有某種食材特別搶戲

雖然對於冰沙知道的不多 但是綠色冰沙喝起來感覺很高級

It tastes REALLY delicious that it is hard to describe in words.
The ingredients are put together, and it tastes yummy and harmonious.
I know few about smoothie, but the green smoothie tastes luxurious.


份量也很足夠 對於食量比較小的人來說 單單只喝一杯冰沙也能當正餐喔^^

For some who eat not much

can have a glass of smoothie as a meal^^



French fries is made from Non-GMO potatoes, and fried in the air fryer



就是那種喝啤酒時 即刻想配上的那種炸薯條好滋味

If you ask me how it taste, I would say it is the Frech fries that you want to eat while drinking beer.


把這個套餐外帶 將素漢堡和炸薯條當啤酒的下酒菜 冰沙則留到隔天當早餐的話也非常適合!

It is suitable that you take the combo as take out, you can have the vegan burger and French fries with beer, and take smoothie as the breakfast next morning!



Replacing the plastic straws, "A Bunch of Wheat" now are using stainless steel straws.



It is not easy, right?



It is the small but great influent action for our environment!


騎著單車 乘著秋天早晨微涼的風


津津有味地吃了素漢堡及冰沙套餐 開始了新的一天

Riding my bike and enjoy the breeze in the Fall morning
I came "A Bunch of Wheat" Jungang-shop happily.
Having vegan burger and smoothie combo
My brand-new day starts!


雖然很瑣碎細微 但覺得是個非常難忘的一天

It’s a trivial but unforgettable day.



Thank you!



The introduction of "A Bunch of Wheat" menu and delivery way





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translated by Vivi Hung



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